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Frogs been getting busy!

Russ writes:

This morning, given the ongoing mild weather, I ventured into the sheltered inclosures near Woodlands to see if I could find a few amphibians. A couple of crushed Common Toads on the road near Busketts Wood was not the start I wanted, but more encouraging was a drainage ditch along a forestry ride that was crammed full of frogspawn, while a bit further along were several Palmate Newts busily trying to attract mates in broad daylight.

Birds seen and heard included Goshawk, Woodcock, Woodlark, Firecrest, Crossbill and Grey Wagtail, and both Fallow and Roe Deer were noted - the latter are starting to look quite smart already!

Finally, I really liked the patterns made by this (presumed) Turkeytail fungus.

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