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Longwater Lawn becomes Longwater Lake!

Russ writes:

As Storm Dennis roared away eastwards, and 30 hours of persistent rainfall finally abated, we nipped out to try and capture some images of the watery landscape before dusk. As we headed southeast from Lyndhurst it was clear that Longwater Lawn was totally under water, due to flooding from the headwaters of the Beaulieu River. The retreating cold front had allowed the sun to wearily emerge from behind the clouds, and with sunset just half an hour away I quickly hatched a plan to capture some scenic images of the flooded landscape.

The footbridge separating Matley Heath from Longwater Lawn was just about navigable, and we emerged on the northeast side of the flood with minutes to spare. I quickly identified a couple of foreground trees that would help the composition, and then let nature do the rest!

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