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Ravens, Nail Fungus, and signs of spring!

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Russ writes:

Today saw us venturing up to the north of the forest, for a 10 km walk across an extensive area of open heath. The bright and blustery conditions were ideal for large birds to get airborne, and a couple of pairs of Ravens were seen and a male Goshawk displaying briefly over a nearby inclosure. Other signs of spring included a singing Skylark and a wind-assisted Buff-tailed Bumblebee, while an over-flying Crossbill was also heard. A clump of gnarled holly trees appeared to have taken a particularly severe hit from ponies stripping their bark!

Fungi images from the walk include a Nail Fungus on some pony dung (nationally rare, but widespread in the New Forest), a tiny orange 'eyelash' fungus also on pony dung (possibly Cheilymenia stercorea), and a more classically shaped fungus on a gorse branch (ID TBC).

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