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Wild New Forest "2020 in 2020"

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Russ and Marcus write:

Welcome to the first blog post on the new Wild New Forest website. We're hoping to transfer our archive blog posts from 2016-19 soon, but for now we intend to provide new and updated content on a daily basis whenever possible (you can also follow our adventures on Facebook and Twitter).

For 2020, and to mark the launch of Wild New Forest as a Community Interest Company, we have set ourselves the challenge of finding 2020 species in the New Forest National Park. We anticipate that roughly half of these will be 'mobile' species (e.g. mammals, reptiles, birds and insects), and half will be sessile species (e.g. fungi, plants and trees).

To be successful, we'll need to find at least five new species every day for the whole year, which is a lot easier in mid-summer than it is in mid-winter! We'll provide regular updates here and on our social media channels, and although Marcus and I are intending for this to be a joint effort, there might be some friendly rivalry too!

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