Wildlife talks


  • We regularly give illustrated talks on New Forest wildlife to local and national organisations, ranging from local wildlife societies to national ornithological conferences

  • We are able to offer a general introduction to New Forest wildlife, as well as topical overviews of our current projects and New Forest conservation issues

  • For 2021, we will also be offering an overview of our "Wild New Forest 2020 in 2020" challenge, which was our quest to find 2020 species within the New Forest National Park in 2020

  • Our current talks programme for 2021/22 is provided below, although note that many of our scheduled talks for the coming months will be delivered via Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions

  • Our fees are usually in the range of £50-100 for talks of 1-2 hours

  • If you would like us to come and talk at your event or to your organisation, please contact us using the details at the bottom of the page

"Many thanks for your talk this evening.  Your photographs are stunning.  You will have seen from the questions and the comments that everyone was enthralled.  I'm pleased that you did actually manage to get to your 2020 species and beyond!" Bournemouth Natural Science Society, Feb 2021

WNF 2021 talks programme

13 Feb 2021: RSPB Fleet, via Zoom (Wild New Forest)

16 Feb 2021: Bournemouth Natural Science Society, via Zoom (Wild New Forest 2020 in 2020)

17 Feb 2021: Sussex Ornithological Society, via Zoom (Wild New Forest bird projects)

24 Feb 2021: New Forest Awakening Festival, via Zoom (Wild New Forest 2020 in 2020)

08 Mar 2021: Southampton Natural History Society, via Zoom (Wild New Forest 2020 in 2020)

09 Mar 2021: RSPB South Wiltshire, via Zoom (Wild New Forest 2020 in 2020)

13 Apr 2021: Shoreham and District Ornithological Society, via Zoom (Wild New Forest 2020 in 2020)

14 Apr 2021: RSPB New Forest, via Zoom (Wild New Forest projects update)

28 Apr 2021: Hampshire Ornithological Society (Hawfinch tracking in the New Forest)

30 Apr 2021: Ringwood and Hangersley WI (Wild New Forest 2020 in 2020)

10 May 2021: HIWWT Romsey (Wild New Forest projects update)

15 Sep 2021: Sarum U3A (Wild New Forest 2020 in 2020)

25 Sep 2021: Hoburne Holiday Park, Bashley (New Forest wildlife)

13 Oct 2021: RSPB New Forest (Wild New Forest 2020 in 2020)

27 Nov 2021: RSPB Portsmouth, Portsmouth (Wild New Forest 2020 in 2020)

2 Dec 2021: RSPB Medway and Maidstone (Woodland birds of the New Forest)

10 Feb 2022: RSPB Wokingham (New Forest wildlife)

15 Feb 2022: Bournemouth Natural Science Society (New Forest wildlife)

10 Mar 2022: Ringwood WI (New Forest wildlife)

5 May 2022: RSPB Oxford (Lymington/Keyhaven Marshes)

11 Nov 2022: Shoreham and District Ornithological Society (Wild New Forest projects update)